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Energy Management System

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Automated Energy Management System (AEMS)

  • Data Logging
  • Device Management
  • Backend strong data base system for keeping continuous records of metering data.
  • Trend analysis with respect to different parameters
  • Alarms Management in case of any offline device
  • Financial module for monthly invoicing and arrears management
  • Tenant management module for managing customers historic data in trends, invoicing and payment history
  • A complete Web based application
  • A complete unified interface of same types of meters and analyzers


  • Device Management
  • Data Logging
  • Multi Energy
  • Multi Tariff
  • Single Phase/3 Phase Option
  • Upto 3 Energy Options
  • Error Logging
  • Trend Analysi
  • Detailed Consumption Analysis
  • Single Line Definition
  • External Trigger (3rd Party Utility)
  • Fixed Tariff (Per Minute)


  • MS SQL Database
  • MS .Net based security features
  • Multi platform access (Web Based)
  • IoT Enabled Device Communicator

Feature Highlight – Tenant Management

  • Device Handovers
  • Tenants registration
  • Multiple location management

Feature Highlight – Trend Analysis

  • Multiple tariff analysis
  • Consumption vs Days
  • Utility Utilization During the day

Feature Highlight – Financial Module

  • Process customers information
  • Generate Invoice
  • Process consumption and arrears
  • Financial Reports
  • Report and consumption reconciliation

Feature Highlight – Web Based Interface

  • Accessible over the web bowser
  • Over the Intranet/Internet
  • Computer or mobile based access
  • Multi user / Module Facility

Basic Feature List – Unified interface

  • All features accessible over the single interface
  • Devices combination

Advanced Feature List

  • Single line monitoring of meters data
  • Monitoring with Multi variables
  • Integration with ERP
  • Prepaid billing
  • SMS based customer facilitation

Advanced Feature List – Single Line

  • At a glance system status
  • Device level real-time observation
  • Master and slave level devices arrangement

Monitoring with Multi variables – Multi Trends

  • Live Data Monitoring
  • Multi variable Trends

Advanced Product Feature– Prepaid Billing

  • Smart Card solution
  • Device disables on end period

Advanced Product List – SMS Facility

  • Multiple parameter information
  • Consumption
  • Units
  • Status

Services Inclusive

  • Managing The Cloud
  • Housekeeping the Cloud Services
  • Managing the Tenant Subscription
  • Generating Monthly Bills
  • Processing Receivables
  • Monitoring Analyzers for Failure
  • Replacing Analyzers timely
  • Observing Energy Loss and Reporting to Concerned
  • Installing New Devices as per Need and Approval

Benefits for Zaaviaa Solutionse

  • Strong Engineering Team
  • Locally Developed Solution
  • No Dependency on foreign OEM
  • High Quality Product Selection
  • Customization possibility
  • Expandable as per need
  • Designed for optimization